Our Projects

Gaza dignity kits (delivered)

Arrahman Welfare Foundation Canada partnered with Penny Appeal Canada and we delivered 5000+ Dignity kits to our sisters in Gaza Alhamdulillah.

Arrahman Food Bank

Through Arrahman Food bank widows, orphans, seniors and families with disabilities are provided dry ration on their doorsteps on a monthly basis. We are currently serving 200+ families and individuals.


Arrahman Mobile Health Unit

Throughout the year, twice a week Arrahman Welfare Foundation organizes free medical camps in Sadiqabad and Rahim Yar Khan and the surrounding villages where medical services are not accessible. All deserving people are treated free of cost. Medical staff, including trained doctors are present in the mobile health unit to meet the medical requirements of the area.

Arrahman Student Scholarship Program

To meet the educational needs of deserving students, funds are provided on a regular basis through this program. Students are provided with books, uniforms, tuition fees and admission fees. Other educational requirements are also fulfilled through this program. Different non-curricular programs such as speech competitions, writing competitions and quizzes are organized amongst  the students.

Arrahman Medical Dispensary

Arrahman Welfare Foundation Canada has been running a free medical dispensary in Tehsil Sadiq Abad, District Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan from 4 pm to 9 pm daily. Qualified doctors and staff members examine the patients and tend to their medical needs. Some of the services include free blood work, ultrasounds vaccinations and medications.

Arrahman Water Treatment Plants

Numerous communities in Pakistan suffer from contaminated water and waterborne diseases. As communities are struggling to find water to survive, water treatment plants have become even more important for these struggling families.
Arrahman Welfare Foundation Canada took the initiative in 2021 to provide different areas with clean and readily available drinking water.

Ramadan Ration Program

Every year in Ramadan, ration is provided to the poor and the widow. Every year, in this blessed month, more than 300 ration bags are distributed.

Arrahman Collective Qurbani Program

Every year, collective qurbani is arranged on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha and meat is distributed among needy, poor, widows and orphans whom are deprived of eating meat for the whole year. The qurbani meat is either delivered directly to their homes or delivered in the form of cooked meals.

Arrahman collective wedding program

AWFCA collective wedding program empowers deserving and underprivileged girls by providing them with the opportunity for a dignified wedding ceremony they may not otherwise afford. The sponsorship cost for a couple is $1000 CAD.

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